You must install our Zendesk apps using the marketplace links below in order for your account to be linked to your Zendesk organization. Do not sign up via our website first, as this will create an unlinked account! provides an integration with both Zendesk Support and Zendesk Chat available in the Zendesk App Marketplace.

Demo videos

Zendesk Requirements

You must have an active trial/subscription with Zendesk Support (even to use our App with Zendesk Chat). This is a requirement from Zendesk to use their secure authentication that is not available for Apps on Chat-only accounts.
All newer accounts will only need to install the for Support app, it is also 100% compatible with the Sunshine Conversations widget.
If you are using the Legacy Zendesk Chat you will also need to install the for Chat app. for Support App - for Chat App -

Add our SDKs to get started!

See Getting started to add our SDKs and begin end-to-end testing! Your license key can be found in your Account Settings, seen above.

Controlling user access

Follow the Zendesk docs to restrict access to the Apps to certain roles or groups


If you signed up via Zendesk and also via our website dashboard, you will have two accounts. See this link for a description of this problem and the solution