Use 6-digit codes

Cobrowse does not require any visible UI presented to the user but there is the option to present a UI that generates a 6-digit code. Learn more.

By default, Cobrowse does not require any visible UI presented to the user. It will exist in the background of your app, and only activate when agents initiate a new session.

You may optionally present a UI in your app that enables users to generate 6-digit codes. Users may then read a code over the phone or in chat, and agents can use the 6-digit code to initiate the Cobrowse session.

Important: 6-digit codes expire after approximately 20 minutes, so it's best practice to generate a code only when a user wants to start a session.

To generate a 6-digit code in your integration you can use the following APIs. Once you have generated the code you can display it to the user in your own UI. You should only generate a code when a user needs it as they expire shortly after creation.

// ensure Cobrowse is loaded
CobrowseIO.client().then(function() {
    // create a code a display it to the user using your own UI
    CobrowseIO.createSessionCode().then(function(code) {
       console.log('your code is', code);

If you are only using 6 digit codes to start Cobrowse sessions in your implementation, you can prevent the SDK registering in your Cobrowse account until a screen sharing session is required. See the documentation on preventing automatic registration.

pageStarting and stopping the SDK

You can monitor changes in the state of the session using the Cobrowse delegate methods to listen for events:

pageListening for events

Default 6-digit code UI

We provide a very simple default plug-and-play UI that provides the 6-digit code display functionality. We also provide a set of public methods if you prefer to build a custom UI (see above). Learn more at Customize the interface.

The SDK for web does not provide a default UI for generating 6 digit codes.

To see some code samples for how to build a custom UI for your platform see:

page6-digit code screen

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