Genesys Cloud

The integration for Genesys Cloud may be installed directly from the App Foundry as a Premium App. There are two separate Premium Apps to install:
  • Standalone App
  • Interaction Widget
For each Premium App, please activate it, and under Configuration you can select which Groups and Queues will have access to it.
For the Interaction Widget, you will also need to specify the Communication Type Filtering, eg. chat,call,callback,email,sms,line,facebook,twitter,whatsapp

Self-hosted instances

Please email us at [email protected] before switching to your self-hosted instance.
If you are self-hosting the instance, you will need to replace "" in both Application URLs with your self-hosted domain, e.g. https://<your self-hosted domain>/apps/genesys/index.html?langTag={{pcLangTag}}&environment={{pcEnvironment}}&env=cloud

Troubleshooting Interaction Widget not appearing?

Confirm that the Widget within the “Integrations” page within the Genesys Cloud account Admin space. The app should be installable there.
If not then it should also be in the marketplace in the same location: