Declaring capabilities

Cobrowse allows for different levels of capabilities which can be enabled or disabled from the settings of the dashboard or SDKs.

Account-level settings for remote control, full device screenshare, and others are available via your account dashboard. Declaring the supported capabilities on the SDK-side as described below is only necessary for fine-tuning or other advanced use cases.

Several of our capabilities, like full device or remote control, can be enabled or disabled from the Session Settings of the dashboard. However, you may wish to have greater control allowing for capabilities to be enabled for some use cases but disabled for another.

CobrowseIO.capabilities = [ 'cursor', ... some other capabilities ];

CobrowseIO.capabilities = [ ... ]; must be called before CobrowseIO.start();

Any capability included in the array will be enabled. To disable a capability omit it from the array.

A full list of capabilities can be seen in the table below.



Should agent cursor be rendered on client side


Can the agent draw over the users screen


Is full device mode enabled


Can the agent generate key events


Can the agent direct user with laser pointer


Can the agent point and click on things when in remote control mode


Can the agent scroll the page (web only)


Can the agent select text (web only)


Allow the agent to scroll but not enter any values or navigate

CobrowseIO.capabilities = [ 'cursor', 'drawing', 'full_device', 'laser', 'scroll' ];

Disable full device mode

CobrowseIO.capabilities = [ 'cursor', 'drawing', 'keypress', 'laser', 'pointer', 'scroll', 'select' ];

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