Customize the interface

Cobrowse customers can use the default UI straight out of the box, or opt to customize the interface to meet their specific requirements. provides some minimal default UI in the SDKs for things like user consent and to visually indicate when a session is active.

Many customers are happy to use our default UI which works out of box. This is a great way to get started. But if you prefer, everything is easily customizable to meet your specific requirements.

Some actions in a cobrowsing session may require extra consents from the user, here's how you can customize the UI that is shown:

pageUser consent dialogpageRemote control consent dialogpageFull device consent dialog

Customizing in-session UIs

When a Cobrowse session is active it is a good idea to show an indicator to the user, and provide a way for them to end the session if they wish. Here's how you can do that:

pageActive session controlspageLocalization / translation

Customizing code generation

If you choose to use 6-digit codes to connect your support agents with end users, here's how you can customize the code when they're displayed to your user:

page6-digit code screen

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