Configuring SMTP
Cobrowse supports configuring a custom SMTP server to replace the default email provider. This will allow you to use your company email to send the magic link login emails.

Configuring SMTP

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    Firstly make sure you have configured at least one superuser in your instance.
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    Open /admin/configuration on your instance while logged in as a superuser. e.g.
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    Enter a new configuration key called "smtp_url". The value should be the URL of your SMTP server including any authentiation or non-standard ports.
Example SMTP URLs
A standard SMTP URL has the format smtps://username:[email protected]
If your mail server does not require authentication, you can omit the username:password fields, e.g.smtps://
If your mail server does not require a TLS connection, use can use the smtp:// protocol in the URL instead, e.g. smtp://
If your mail server uses a non-standard port you can specficy that via the URL, e.g. smtp://
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