Limiting account creation

Control account creation on your self-hosted Cobrowse instance by configuring specific email addresses or domains that are allowed to create new accounts.

By default your Cobrowse Enterprise instance supports multiple tennants and will allow anyone to create new accounts, just as in our hosted version. In most instances you will want to limit this to specific people, or members of your organisation.

Configuring account creators

  1. Firstly make sure you have configured at least one superuser in your instance.

  2. Open /admin/configuration on your instance while logged in as a superuser. e.g.

  3. Enter a new configuration key called "account_creators". The value should be a regular expression that describes the email addresses that should be allowed to create new accounts. For example .* would allow anyone with an email to create an account.

What do we mean by account?

An account in your Cobrowse instance is a single tenant that groups together devices, users, and cobrowsing sessions. You may choose to use a single account for all your devices, or create separate accounts for dev, test, production etc...

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