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Account config

Cobrowse account config. Account-level settings may be configured once you have logged in.
You may configure your account-level settings after logging in at

Account-level settings

Agent initiated sessions
Can your support agents initiate a screen share session with a user?
Require consent for connection
Should your users be required to accept a screen share before it starts?
Full device upgrade
Can your support agents request access to screens outside your app?
Remote control
Can your support agents remotely control devices?
Require consent for remote control
Is consent required before using remote control tools?
Record sessions
Should we record sessions for playback and review?
Device sockets
Required for online/offline presence and agent initiated sessions without Firebase push or 6-digit codes
Device listing
Allow agents to list devices that have registered into your account?
Hide agent emails
Should the agent email be accessible from the SDKs?
Discard IP addresses
Should Cobrowse collect IP addresses for audit trail purposes?