Authentication (SAML 2.0)


Allow your users to authenticate using your SAML 2.0 identity provider for simple SSO.

Configure SAML 2.0

In your account settings, go to dashboard/settings/integrations and under SAML config enter your:
  • SAML certificate and
  • entrypoint URL.
This will generate a login URL in the format:
https://<your hosted domain>/login/saml/<provider ID>
where <your hosted domain> defaults to the domain that is hosting your cobrowse account, e.g. in most cases.
This URL can be used as the login page for your agents.

Configure within your identity provider

You may be required to add configuration for within your identity provider.


If your SAML identity provider requires registering as an approved application, then please use the following information:
  • service provider id: cobrowseio-saml
  • ACS / Callback / Recipient / Destination / SSO URL: https://<your hosted domain>/api/1/saml/auth/callback
<your hosted domain> is when using our hosted service.

Configuring Admin users

All users who login via SAML will by default have the Support Agent role. If you'd like to manage your Admin users through SAML, you must:
  • create a group/role named " Administrator" within your identity provider
  • pass this value through as an attribute in your SAML profile as a value or an array, e.g.:
    • "groups" : " Administrator"
    • "groups" : [" Administrator", "abc", "def", ...]

IFrame integrations

If you are running Cobrowse in your own IFrame integration, then you may optionally choose to perform the SSO within the IFrame by loading it from:
https://<your hosted domain>/api/1/saml/auth?provider=<provider ID>&redirectTo=<your URI encoded Cobrowse route>
The parameter <your URI encoded Cobrowse route> is the URL specified by your choice of IFrame embed and must be correctly URI encoded.
<your hosted domain> is when using our hosted service.
Your IFrame settings and identity provider must allow sharing of cookies to your IFramed domain. This includes for additional steps with your provider, such as MFA.