Engage Workspace Desktop Edition (WDE)

Plugin version v1.x


Supported WDE versions:

WebView2 installed on your WDE instances.

1. Install plugin

Add the plugin and dependencies to your Workspace Desktop Edition installation:

  • Genesyslab.Desktop.Modules.CobrowseIO.dll

  • Genesyslab.Desktop.Modules.CobrowseIO.module-config

These files should be added adjacent to your other Module .dll files, in the same directory as InteractionWorkspace.exe. This executable is most commonly found atC:\Program Files (x86)\GCTI\Workspace Desktop Edition.

Cobrowse can provide these files to you upon request, free of charge, in order to conduct a proof-of-concept (PoC) or other technical evaluation.

2. Add required config

The configuration values can be added via Genesys GAX, Genesys Administrator, or directly in a InteractionWorkspace.exe.config file adjacent to your InteractionWorkspace.exe

When using Genesys GAX, please navigate to Environment/Applications -> WorkspaceDesktop -> Application Options -> interaction-workspace and add the following fields there.




cobrowse.api required


eg. https://cobrowse.yourcompany.com default is https://cobrowse.io

cobrowse.license required


your license key

cobrowse.debug optional


true / false default is false

cobrowse.initialUrl optional


Override initial Url the plugin tab will load

cobrowse.proxyServer optional

(Supported in v1.4+)


URL to proxy WebView traffic through

cobrowse.proxyBypassList optional

(Supported in v1.4+)


Semi-colon-separated list of hosts.

See --proxy-bypass-list for more detail.

3. Start Workspace Desktop Edition

You should now see the COBROWSE tab within your Workspace Desktop Edition when interacting with an end-user, such as on a phone call, or via a live chat.

Demo video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuDv8YqcUa0

Configuring SSO

If you wish to sign into Cobrowse from within WDE using SSO you must first follow our documentation to setup SAML.

With SAML configured, visit the integration settings page of your Cobrowse dashboard and look to the login page URL seen within the SAML Config section. It should look something like https://<DOMAIN>/login/saml/<PROVIDER_ID>.

Take note of your <PROVIDER_ID>. It should a string of 6 characters after the /login/saml/ path seen in the login page URL.

Update cobrowse.initialUrl to the URL below, replacing <DOMAIN> with the domain of the Cobrowse instance, often cobrowse.io, <PROVIDER_ID> with the 6 characters that you took note of in the previous step and <YOUR_LICENSE_KEY> with the license key for your account.


Now when opening the COBROWSE tab from within WDE you should be taken to your SSO provider allowing you to sign in and be authenticated within WDE.


Why is the COBROWSE tab always blank?

Please verify if your version of Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition is If you are running an earlier version, or if you are running a supported version which still faces this issue, please contact us at hello@cobrowse.io.

How do I debug the COBROWSE tab?

Please enable the optional setting cobrowse.debug = true as described above.

This will provide additional logging from the COBROWSE tab to the Genesys Workspace Desktop Edition logs.

The plugin will also activate remote debugging of the web app on port 9222. Open MS Edge, go to edge://inspect/#devices and the plugin will appear there:

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