Agent SDK

Client-side JavaScript SDK to build custom agent-side integrations

Our Agent SDK can be used to build 100% customized agent-side integrations into your own products and services. You can use to both to access our API and to control embedded Cobrowse IFrames.

Quick start demo

Navigate to our Agent SDK Demo Page and open up our Online Demo in another browser tab to generate your Demo ID.

This Demo Page uses our Agent UI component library, our Agent SDK, and ties it together into an Agent SDK Examples project.


If you are using the Agent SDK just to communicate to an embedded IFrame, a JWT is not required.

Device and Session listing via the Agent SDK requires a JSON Web Token (JWT) for authentication. Learn how to generate a JWT for your account at Authentication (JWTs).


The Agent SDK can be used to:

  • List Devices and/or Sessions matching your filter criteria

    • Build your own 100% customized dashboard or device list

    • Show only a single user's devices in the context of a support ticket or chat

  • Subscribe to events on Devices and Sessions, for example to create a smart connect button that indicates when the devices goes online/offline

  • Interact with embedded Cobrowse iFrames

    • Get notified in the parent page when a session begins and ends

    • Attach a button in the parent page to end the session, or select the agent's tool

    • Programmatically end the session before the parent page closes

We have put together a list of commonly ask questions and useful code snippets to get you started:

pageSample code snippets

You can find the full developer documentation for the agent SDK API here:

pageAPI Reference

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