Engage Workspace Web Edition (WWE)

Engage Cloud and Engage On-Premise WWE


1. Define the Interaction Tab

Define a new Interaction Tab in your WWE Cluster configuration using Genesys GAX or Genesys Administrator.

If you are using Engage Cloud (AWS or Azure), you may configure the Interaction Tab following the instructions at https://all.docs.genesys.com/PEC-AS/Current/ManageCC/External_URLs.

You may name the tab as you wish, for example CobrowseIOTab. The tab should have the following values:

  • label – The label that should be displayed in the tab within the WWE UI, eg. COBROWSE

  • url – The URL to the web content that will be displayed within the tab. The URL can also contain variable names pertaining to agent and interaction data. This value will be provided by Cobrowse.io. The default value when using the Cobrowse.io hosted version is https://cobrowse.io/apps/genesys/index.html?env=wwe&interactionId=$Interaction.Id$&license=your license key

More information about how to add a new Interaction Tab to Workspace Web Edition (WWE) available at https://docs.genesys.com/Documentation/HTCC/8.5.2/IWWDep/SettingUpAgents#Enabling_integration_of_web_applications_in_the_agent_interface.

Next, navigate to the interaction-workspace/interaction.web-content and add the value CobrowseIOTab to this list to enable it.

2. Start Workspace Web Edition

You should now see the COBROWSE tab within your Workspace Web Edition when interacting with an end-user, such as on a phone call, or via a live chat.

Demo video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKx5bOsodtw

Configuring SSO

If you wish to sign into Cobrowse from within WWE using SSO you must first follow our documentation to setup SAML.

With SAML configured, visit the integration settings page of your Cobrowse dashboard and look to the login page URL seen within the SAML Config section. It should look something like https://<DOMAIN>/login/saml/<PROVIDER_ID>.

Take note of your <PROVIDER_ID>. It should a string of 6 characters after the /login/saml/ path seen in the login page URL.

Update url to the URL below, replacing <DOMAIN> with the domain of the Cobrowse instance, often cobrowse.io, <PROVIDER_ID> with the 6 characters that you took note of in the previous step and <YOUR_LICENSE_KEY> with the license key for your account.


Now when opening the COBROWSE tab from within WWE you should be taken to your SSO provider allowing you to sign in and be authenticated within WWE.

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