Cross-domain session support
Javascript for sessions across multiple domains or sub-domains.

Cross-domain sessions

In some cases, several of your domains or sub-domains need to be visited in a single session.
To enable this, add the following javascript snippet within our web SDK to all required pages.
Trusted origins must be served over HTTPS and include the full domain or sub-domain, with no trailing slash, url path, or parameters.
CobrowseIO.trustedOrigins = [
'', // origin to trust
'', // another origin to trust
'' // an origin with a port to trust
CobrowseIO.start(); // before the start call
This provides Cobrowse for Web with a list of trusted origins to allow your session to continue on. All trusted origins must be listed.

Supported browsers

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11
Cross-domain support will fail in a browser's private or "incognito" mode.
Support for Apple Safari is still being explored at this time.
Last modified 2d ago