Managing your deployment

Manage your Cobrowse deployment effectively by regularly backing up the database, staying updated on new releases, and more.

Managing the database

You are responsible for backing up the database regularly. Cobrowse will not do this automatically in any way. See the MongoDB docs for recommendations on backup strategies. MongoDB Atlas can be configured to do this automatically.

New releases

To be notified when a new release is available (for any deployment type), please subscribe to this repo:

Changelog notes for all releases are available: Image updates usually contain security patches.

Upgrading Cobrowse

AWS, Azure, GCP and Docker-compose

Our command line utility allows you to upgrade your deployment, you can use it like this:

npx cobrowse-enterprise upgrade <directory>

One you have done that, you can update your deployment via Terraform or Docker Compose as in the initial deployment.

Note: We recommend making a database backup before upgrading to new versions


To upgrade your Helm deployment use:

helm repo update 
helm upgrade cobrowse cobrowse-enterprise/cobrowse-enterprise

Dedicated staging instance

We recommend self-hosting a separate staging instance of our software to develop against and also to test new releases before moving to production. Please contact us if you are interested.

Any questions at all? Please email us at

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