GCP metrics configuration

Utilize Cobrowse's Google Cloud Terraform configuration for an effortless setup on GCP, ensuring efficient metric collection via Google Cloud's Workload Metrics

If you are running the Cobrowse Enterprise Google Cloud terraform configuration, Google Cloud's Workload Metrics offering is the easiest way to collect these metrics and make them available in Google Cloud Monitoring.

Please follow the instructions supplied by Google to enable Workload Metrics for your cobrowse enterprise cluster. Once enabled, you will be instructed to deploy a PodMonitor resource which specifies which metrics to collect.

For convenience, we have provided 2 sample PodMonitor resources in your cobrowse enterprise for GCP terraform configuration:

Consider adding configurations from the Managing costs section of the Workload Metrics instructions to manage how often metrics are scraped and which metrics are collected

  • Redis Cluster: cobrowse-redis-cluster-podmonitor.yml

    • Update the metadata.namespace property to the namespace where your redis cluster is deployed

  • Cobrowse: etc/metrics/cobrowse-svc-podmonitor.yml

    • Update the metadata.namespace property to the namespace where your cobrowse services are deployed

Once the PodMonitor resources are applied to your cluster namespace, metrics should begin showing up in Cloud Monitoring in a few minutes.

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