Running your instance

Getting started with Cobrowse. Follow these simple steps to bootstrap your account and configure the SDK to use your private instance.

Once your self-hosted instance is up and running, there are a few steps to bootstrap the account and configure our SDKs to use your private instance.

Register an account

Once your instance is up and running, you will need to register yourself an account. Head to https://<your instance domain>/register to setup your account.

You may register multiple accounts in your instance if you would like. Some customers register accounts for dev, test, staging, etc.

If you are using the Email "magic link" sign-in flow, but do not have a mail server set up and have disabled our default mail provider, then please retrieve the "magic link" used to sign-in directly via the application logs of the cobrowe-api container.

Setting API location in the SDKs

You will need to set the API location when integrating the SDKs in order to point them at your private instance.

When specifying the API, please do not use a trailing slash.

CobrowseIO.api = "";

Insert this line into your Cobrowse initialisation logic. It must be inserted before CobrowseIO.start() is called.

If using our provided snippet, you can put this before or after the CobrowseIO.license = "..." line.

Useful resources

Now your instance is up an running, you should review the documentation below to fine tune your deployment.

pageAdding a superuserpageLimiting account creationpageConfiguring SMTPpageManaging your deployment

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