Self-hosting overview

Deployment options is deployed as containers, and we try to support a range of deployments covering public clouds and on-premise requirements.
Any questions or specific requirements to review? Please email us at [email protected]!

Software version compatibility

Depending on your choice, your deployment will already include specific versions of these components which you can adjust to your preferences.
Kubernetes: 1.25 to 1.27 but our deployment is known to run on older versions up to 1.23.
Redis: 6.x or 7.x but earlier versions are very likely supported. New deployments are recommended to use the latest available version.
MongoDB: We recommend 6.x for new deployments. The absolute minimum supported version is 3.2 , but using an end-of-life version this old is strongly discouraged.
helm: 3.x
Docker compose: Must support at least compose file format version 3

Next steps