Troubleshooting your self-hosted deployment.

Initial deployment

If issues arise during the initial deployment of your self-hosted Cobrowse Enterprise, it is often related to the pods/containers not being able to start, or attempting to start but failing to start up successfully.

Often, there is an underlying configuration issue, such as specifying an invalid MongoDB URL. Other times, a corporate proxy might be blocking access to the Docker image repository.

Here are the high-level steps to help diagnose the problem:

  1. Determine which services have started successfully, and which have failed.

  2. Review the configuration of any failed services. Cross-check your configuration with our documentation.

  3. Analyze the container logs, starting with the failed services if logs are available, and then the running services. The error messages should provide helpful hints on what has gone wrong.

  4. If the issues persist, please see below!

Requesting support

Please provide the following information to

  1. Which type of deployment are you using? (i.e. AWS, GCP, Azure, Helm, Docker-compose, Openshift, etc)

  2. Which version of Cobrowse Enterprise and/or service containers are you using?

  3. How long has the issue occurred? Has it ever worked? If so, has anything changed on your side?

  4. Are all the services up and running? Please share with us the current status of the services.

  5. Please send us the container logs for the problematic services. If you are not sure, please share the container logs for all services.

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