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I can connect from, but not from within Intercom.

It's likely your Intercom account is linked to a separate account. When you install for Intercom, a new license key is generated for you. This may be different from an existing license key you are using when you signed up directly at

No devices found for user, cannot start cobrowse session.

Please ensure Javascript Snippet has been added to your website where you are using Intercom chat. Installation instructions at Web SDK.

Agent is stuck on "waiting for authorization".

We are aware of a possible issue with React Native apps only, where the user consent prompt is hidden behind the Intercom SDK's UI, so it is not visible for the user to take action. To confirm this is what is happening, you can disable "Require user consent" from and try to start a new session via Intercom.

Sorry, you do not have permissions to modify this app installation.

Intercom recently changed the way their OAuth tokens work, and it now requires users to have the "Can install, configure and delete apps" permission in order to "Login with Intercom", and therefore also the Messenger App. You may grant your users this permission in Settings -> General -> Teammates -> Edit.
To work around this problem, we have released the Inbox App, which lives in the sidebar of Intercom, and enables connecting to the end-user's device(s) with just one click. Inbox App for Intercom
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